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Web application development | Company | Belgrade

Development of web business applications - online learning platforms, for courier services, for transport, configurators, calculations, tests

Web application development | Company | Belgrade

Development of web business applications, the price of which starts from 500 eur, is done at the request of clients. The purpose of the application as well as the design itself is agreed with the client. We programmed a dozen web applications for legal entities. We also have several applications that we develop independently. The application, which is based on web technologies, can be implemented on your existing site as a special LINK, and where users (associates in the company) can log in and continue using the application via the LOGIN PANEL. Applications are also adaptable for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets).

Web applications are for different purposes and all according to the specific requirements of the clients. It is also possible to create any type of business application and adapt it to the needs of your company.

Online courses - for the education of your employees, we program an online learning platform (teaching units, video lectures, tests, etc.)

For technical and professional calculations (creating cost sheets, kitchen calculations), specialized calculators, graphic displays, instructions, simulations

The medical profession - tests, calculators, presentations, instructions, training.

For companies - business applications for accounting and bookkeeping, various calculations, graphics, statistical calculations...

Other - presentations, dictionaries, instructions, address books, presentations and courses etc.



Translation of technical documentation

Translation of technical documentation with complete graphic processing. Catalogues, Instructions, brochures.

Technical drawing services

Mechanical engineering, construction, electrical engineering.

Online courses platforms

Start your online course and start earning.

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