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3D graphic modeling | Creation of a graphic 3D model

Graphical 3D modeling | Alternative to standard 3D modeling

3d graphic modeling

3D graphic modeling represents is alternative to standard 3D modeling where the model is not modeled as a set (parts, environment, etc.) but some parts are modeled and the image is additionally processed graphically. Based on that, the final rendering of the 3D model is made.

This is most often used when, for example, a house is modeled and the client, due to costs, does not want every element to be modeled (furniture, kitchen, exterior (trees, etc.), but part of the house is modeled while other elements are inserted as images. In the end, the image is processed graphically to make it as realistic as possible. The aim of 3D graphic modeling is that the customer has a visual overview of what the object will look like with less costs.

When someone builds a smaller building (houses, cottages, etc.) and he wants to see how it will look when it is renovated, built, etc. Complete 3D modeling is a relatively expensive intervention when modeling all the elements seen in the image - we recommend 3D graphic modeling !

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