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Technical Translation Services with graphic | English to Serbian

Technical Translation Services with graphic | English to Serbian | Serbian to English

We have done + 100 catalogs (+5000 pages)

Technical Translation Services with graphic design are an opportunity to have complete catalogues in your language for your products - machines, devices, spare parts, instructions ! You can have your cataloguess as well as various instructions completely translated with graphic design so that the translation has the same appearance as the original. Translations are done quickly and professionally !

The price of the translation per page is defined according to the urgency, type and quantity of the text. Translation visually identical to the original (special graphic design - text, images, graphs). Translators with practical experience (mechanical engineering, construction, IT).

We insist that our translations are completely visually identical to the original, which means that the user receives a translated page that has the same graphic content as the original - tables, images, graphs. Special discounts for companies that have a large number of catalogues. Translation price is built according to the number of catalogues!

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Translation of technical documentation

Translation of technical documentation with complete graphic processing. Catalogues, Instructions, brochures.

Technical drawing services

Mechanical engineering, construction, electrical engineering.

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