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Converting to vector format | From raster to vector

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Convert to vector format

Converting to vector format (from raster to vector). Vector drawing is done when you have drawings that are images of a certain resolution (logo, sketches, graphic solutions, etc.) and they need to be in high resolution. When the drawing is of a certain resolution, if the resolution is increased, the image becomes more blurred (the edges of the elements have bumps).

By converting the image to vector format, the elements on the sketch or logo by increasing the resolution are still clear. Company logos must have a vector form so that when placed on the company's website or banner, they have a completely accurate appearance.

Submit a sketch to be converted to vector for evaluation. The procedure of transferring to a vector represents the redrawing of shapes and forms that are in the image. Each shape from a pixel becomes a vector that can be further developed to any size without losing the resolution display of the elements.

Creating vector drawings implies that the drawing is returned to the client in several formats. The formats are such that the user can directly open them and see the work or even directly in a format that can be sent to a printing house for further processing of vectors for printing purposes.

The price of creating vector drawings depends mostly on the complexity of the drawing itself, the shape and forms found in the drawing. Of course, the simpler the basic drawing, the lower the price.


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