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Search Engine Optimization | from 50 eur

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization | from 50 eur

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), represents all text and code settings on specific pages. It is important that the home page is well optimized in terms of keywords, a well-chosen title, sub-headings as well as the quality of the content. Optimization can be done for specific pages where there is a product or service that you want to position as well as possible on Google.

Optimization begins ...

Optimization begins by testing a certain domain and the report shows exactly how the current page is optimized. The client is further sent a report with all the necessary changes that need to be made on the tested page.

For optimization content is very important  

Web site content is important to Google. This means that all content should be harmoniously and qualitatively done from the beginning to the end of the page. This means that the title (Title), keywords (keywords), description (description) should be logically connected with terms and text on the page. The text should have a logical structure, which means that first there is only one title (h1), which must contain the words from the Title, followed by Subheadings (h2, h3, etc.). The content text must have as many words as possible (min. 800 words per page), not have long sentences and not too many bolded certain words (max. 6 bolded terms on the whole page.


Translation of technical documentation

Translation of technical documentation with complete graphic processing. Catalogues, Instructions, brochures.

Technical drawing services

Mechanical engineering, construction, electrical engineering.

Online courses platforms

Start your online course and start earning.

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