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3d modeling | Creation of 3D models

3D modeling - developing parts for production

3d modeling | Creation of 3D models

3D modeling is a process that begins with the creation of 2D drawings. We make a complete 3D model, whether it is a mechanical element, a building object or a piece of furniture. The 3D model is delivered as a image of a certain resolution and can be further processed to add some text, rework it into a banner, etc.

Most often we do 3D modeling of parts for production (machine elements), which means that a part is technically made as a 2D drawing (for technical documentation) and then a 3D model is made.

3D modeling implies that the element is rendered and additionally visually finalized so that the final output format is image with the most realistic representation of the model. The price of 3D modeling depends mostly on the complexity of the shape model itself and the shape being modeled as well as the required level of the output format.

Send to email a request for a 3D model evaluation. The format of the model to be modeled can be a scanned drawing, sketch or similar, based on which the technical drawing is done first and then the 3D model: Finally, rendering is done where the result is an image in JPG or PNG format where the model is.



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