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Drawing illustrations for engineering textbooks

Drawing illustrations for engineering textbooks - illustrations, graphs, drawings

Drawing illustrations for textbooks of engineering professions is intended for teaching staff who need to complete their teaching units with illustrations, drawings, and graphs. According to the requirements oftextbooks, i.e. what kind of illustrations are needed, we defined the technology. Illustrations can be drawn as vectors or can be specially processed. Of course, each illustration is high resolution draw as vectors. Also, it is important to note that the number of illustrations defines the price. 

Send a request to the email about the number of illustrations as well as examples of illustrations (sketches or graphics) that need to be drawn. The format we need for creating illustrations is a simple hand-drawn sketch or if you have another format with indicated changes, etc. 

Creation of illustrations (sketches) on request

Of course, the illustration can also be our original idea according to your requirements. For example, you want to have 10 illustrations showing a particular machine from multiple views with parts labeled. That way, you don't have a concrete sketch of the required illustration, but you know what you need and how. Our team of engineers will draw and create all the necessary drawings or illustrations according to your requirements. textbooks ?

We make illustrations for professional technical textbooks - mechanical engineering, construction, electrical engineering, architecture, forestry, etc. Of course, this does not mean that some other professions cannot send a Request for Proposal. We made various complex graphs and drawings for the Economic or legal profession. 


Translation of technical documentation

Translation of technical documentation with complete graphic processing. Catalogues, Instructions, brochures.

Technical drawing services

Mechanical engineering, construction, electrical engineering.

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