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Drawings for laser cutter | from 10 eur

Drawings for laser cutter | DWG | DXF

Drawings for laser cutter | from 10 eur

Drawings for laser cutting - send us a hand-drawn sketch or even a picture of the object in any format and our engineers will create a technical drawing.

A precise drawing is drawn where the logical path of the laser is defined, i.e. the zero point is taken into account. The zero point is usually down-left in relation to the preparation. All forms must be closed lines, etc.

Wi will send the source file to import into the machine - DWG, DXF or another file format. Creating and preparing a drawing for laser cutting is not just redrawing a sketch, but a complete processing of forms and preparation for further laser processing.

Drawing for laser

Drawing for laser cutter  

DWG or DXF for cutter

Drawing for laser cutter  


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Translation of technical documentation with complete graphic processing. Catalogues, Instructions, brochures.

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Mechanical engineering, construction, electrical engineering.

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