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Frequently Asked Questions

Most often, users asked us ...

How much does it cost to create a small website with 5-7 pages

The price of a website of that scope is around 100-150 eur + VAT. Of course, the precise price is given when it is precisely defined what exactly those two pages contain. If it is about content in the form of texts and images, the price can certainly be within the given approximate prices. The price increases if the Admin panel is also programmed, through which you only edit constantly.

How long does it take to create a website?

The creation of a website depends on the complexity and content. But typically smaller websites are created very quickly (about 3-5 days). Web shops or web applications are programmed longer, but the approximate time is about 15-20 days from the definition of agreements and requirements.

What is required from our side to start creating a website

We start by making a DEMO version. During this time, you, as the client of the work, rent the domain and hosting (if you don't have one) and you submit the data you get from the provider to us to do all the connection and server tests. Very soon website or web application is placed on the server.

Do you make websites in Wordpress?

No. We programming all our websites or web applications using classic programming (writing code) because the application can be controlled and changed better when the source code is available.

How is the payment going?

We charge for all our services (programming, catalog translations, technical drawing) after the service is done ! When everything you need is delivered to you as the Work Orderer. That is, the invoice is sent after the site is placed on the server or after the catalog that we translated is delivered to you. That way, we don't have jobs that take months, but our goal is to get the job done as soon as possible.

Website maintenance ?

When the website or application is released on the server (of course with all additional tests to see if everything works and functions), an invoice is sent and that part of the work is finished. After payment, you have no costs. Further changes to the site are made only at your request and as needed. All further maintenance is regulated according to the regular programming price list. Some minor changes are not even charged.

Do you give any discounts and benefits ?

Payment discounts are usually given when a company sends multiple requests or when the application is very complex and requires a lot of expenses. In order to meet users, it is usually suggested to make the application in several stages or to give a certain discount - about 10-20%. But it's all a matter of agreement with the aim of the most successful implementation of the work.

Who does catalog translations?

Catalog translations with graphic processing are done by our small team composed of English language professors, engineers who do all graphic preparation. If necessary, we also have a Serbian language proofreader.

What translations do you do?

We translate professional texts, catalogues and various manuals for devices as well as translations of various machines. We also translate texts from the IT sector, marketing, economics. Of course, we can also translate other types of texts - monographs, books, etc.

Do you give discounts for translations?

Of course. For companies that constantly order translations, we define a fixed price at which we continue to do translations. Also, when a large number of parties are involved, a discount is certainly given.

Do you translate medical texts ?

No. We do not do medical translations (documentation, professional papers, etc.).

Do you edit websites that another company did ?

No. We do not take over websites or web applications that some long-standing company has worked on for further development.

Do you incorporate card payment options (VISA, MASTER) into your web sites (web shops)?

No. We do not include the option of payment by payment cards (VISA, MASTER) in our web shops.

What programming languages do you use to create web sites or web applications?

The complete code is written in PHP, using Javascript and of course the Bootstrap library.




Translation of technical documentation

Translation of technical documentation with complete graphic processing. Catalogues, Instructions, brochures.

Technical drawing services

Mechanical engineering, construction, electrical engineering.

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Start your online course and start earning.

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